Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Great Breaking News English

What is this?

To access it ->breakingnewsenglish

Breaking news English is an absolute phenomenal website which provides us with thousands of readily available lesson tailored for EFL teaching context. More importantly, all those great lessons are free and a new lesson is updated every 3 days.On top of that, all the lessons and listening recordings can be downloaded for free in no time!

Why is the content good for language learning?
1.All the lessons are created based on the latest news and information, which can surely appeal to the students.
2.It can spare the teachers huge amount of time preparing for a lesson, thus allowing the teaching making better use of the preparation time.
3.There are loads of different kinds of exercise, aiming of enhancing students English from different aspects like speaking, listening, reading and writing.
4.Some of the exercise are fairly collaborative, thus making the classroom's atmosphere more interactive and relaxing.

How might you use it in a teaching context?
1.Choose a chunk of exercise from the lesson related to a certain topic for your class to do some warm-up activities and brainstorming with the students.
2.Expanding students vocabulary by giving them exercise of matching synonyms from a certain lesson on Breaking News English.
3.Engage the students into pairs or groups to do some of the reading exercise together.
4.Assign the students to work in groups to design a unique lesson based on the pattern on the website. In this way, the students have to understand the text thoroughly.

1.It can be extremely time-consuming.
2.The text form is a bit humdrum and can be pretty boring for the students if they have to do it every time.
3.There are not much pictures or other visual attractions in the lesson.

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