Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mailvu-a terrific tool to send video message in no time.

What is this?
Mailvu, click to access->mailvu

Mailvu is an amazing website which allows you to send video mail immediately after you record the video. In plus ,it is extremely user-friendly. As long as you have a camera and microphone, be it built-in or external, you can make a video in no time.Then you can send this video message to your friend's email address without the need to upload it.

Why is it good for language learning?
1.With mailvu, the teacher can give direct oral feedback to students.
2.Students can listen to the feedback video from the teacher again and again to practice listening and speaking.
3.Students can send a mailvu to the teacher, forcing them to practice their oral skills.

How to use it in a teaching context?
1.Divide the students into groups and encourage them to exchange video messages via mailvu after class as oral partners.
2.Engage the students to use mailvu to a self-introduction and send it to the teacher for feedback.
3.Ask the students to record their monologues and spot on their own pronunciation and grammar mistakes occur in their utterance.

1.Videos can't be downloaded, which means internet access is required upon every view of the video.
2.One might feel uncomfortable speaking in front of the screen and thus perform not as good as in real-life conversations.

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