Friday, 17 February 2012

.Learning chocolate,-a new way of learning vocabulary

What is this?
To access this website, click here->learningchocolate

Learning chocolate is a revolutionary vocabulary-learning website. The words on this website are divided into different categories systematically. For example, the picture below is some words concerning airplanes:
What's great about this website is that it not only provides the spelling of the word, it links the word directly to a certain component or a subject, making the meaning of the word obvious and self-explanatory. Also, when you click on the word, you can hear the pronunciation of it.

Why is the content good for language learning?
1.The words provided in a certain picture are more or less related, so the students to memorize them more effectively and systematically.
2.Spelling and pronunciation are both available.
3.It is specially ideal for young learners to use to help them remember new words.
4.There are some follow-up quizzes to ensure the students understand and remember the new words.

How might you use it in a teaching context?
1.Give students handout of the words and the meaning in advance, and use a picture like the above in class to check if the students remember the meaning of the words.
2.Familiarize the students with a certain group of words, ask them to do the matching exercise to check understanding.
3.After going through a certain group of words, give the students a dictation test.
4.Do the fill-in exercise after requiring them to memorize the words in class.

1.Most of the words are very simple. so the target student group can be quite restricted.
2.The captivating pictures might distract the students, especially the young ones.
3.The words are separated from sentences.

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